Otvoreno predavanje Juliana Harstona “To intervene or not…”

Fakultet za medije i komunikacije vas poziva na predavanje Juliana Harstona, koje će se održati u 9.novembra 2016. na Fakultetu za medije i komunikacije (Karađorđeva 65), sa početkom u 18.30 časova, u sali 8 na IV spratu.

Predavanje će se održati na engleskom jeziku.

Otvoreno predavanje je organizovano u okviru novog master programa na Fakultetu za medije i komunikacije Međunarodni odnosi i diplomatija.

The world is in a mess…
It is hard to remember a time when so much was being asked of leaders in the world, and so little vision and statesmanship is being shown… People are crying out for political leadership and what they get is buck-passing and posturing…Geographic distance from a crisis no longer implies distance from its consequences.
Military Intervention in sovereign states has been the dominant feature of foreign relations in the 21st Century. But experience shows that in most cases it has failed dismally. In Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan military intervention was not part of a comprehensive political and economic plan for the day after…. No plan for the day after means no chance of success…Can the UN provide solutions?