Welcome to media and communications studies!

Faculty of Media and Communications is a part of the Singidunum University in Belgrade.

Address of the Faculty: Karađorđeva 65, 11000 Beograd.
Phone no.: xx381-11- 26 26 474
Websites: www.fmk.edu.rs
Account number: 125-1732145-51
Account number for psychology department: 275-0010220413244-45
Account number for social work: 340-0000011005427-24

The Faculty of Media and Communications is a new faculty. The study program for the faculty was formed in cooperation with French and American universities. Students have at their disposal a variety of elective courses and form the profile of their studies based on their choices. Within the two main educational profiles offered – journalism or communications, students can choose as their major among the courses offered in the theoretical or practical modules, or seminars, such as, for example: creative writing, the art of negotiation, public speaking, modern pop music, film, theatre, video art, diplomacy, political marketing.

Our mission

- Acquiring an up-to-date education that will enable you to work and participate in the global society
- Our responsibility, as lecturers, is to educate you for the world, which has in many ways been “globalized”, while preserving “cultural identity” and “diversity” (the Unesco Convention).

Our values

Studies at this faculty represent a synthesis of contemporary currents in this area and is by its nature multidisciplinary. We strive, with your help, to create an academic atmosphere in which intellectual exchange and a vibrant, free interchange of opinions and questions are possible. Primarily questions. If you acquire the capacity for intellectual and social wonderment here, you will be capable of confronting the challenges of your life and career.
The studies should help you to aquire the ability to think creatively, in different frameworks of references, to form valid positions in a heterogenous social context and to use the best part of the past. We expect you to use the instruments we offer to become free, independent journalists, journalists who know how to research, verify and place information. To become creative experts in the domain of communications and media, vital in the creation process of a new, European social space, experts who will contribute to the democratic development of the country, support the transition processes and promote the values of European integrations.

Our aims

The aim behind the foundation of the Faculty of Media and Communications is to:
*       Strengthen the credibility and professionalism of the media in Serbia;
*       Develop a research culture in the domain of the science of communications, with the application of professional practice:
*       Promote a better understanding of the role of journalism and the media in Serbia;
*       Help democratic processes.

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